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Past Events

Seminar Series 

Cambridge Central Asia Forum Seminar Series Michaelmas Term 2020

Cambridge Central Asia Forum Seminar Series Easter Term 2020

Cambridge Central Asia Forum Seminar Series Lent Term 2020

Cambridge Central Asia Forum Seminar Series Michaelmas Term 2019

Cambridge Central Asia Seminar Series Forum Michaelmas Term 2018

Cambridge Central Asia Forum Seminar Series Easter Term 2018

Cambridge Central Asia Forum Seminar Series Lent Term 2018

Cambridge Central Asia Forum Seminar Series Michaelmas Term 2017

Beyond Globalisation Seminars: Professor Buzgalin, 9-10 May 2017

Seminar Series Lent Term 2017

Seminar Series Michaelmas Term 2016

Seminar Series Eastern Term 2016

Seminar Series Lent Term 2016

Seminar Series Michaelmas Term 2015

Seminar Series Lent Term 2015

Seminar Series Michaelmas Term 2014

Seminars 2011

Seminars 2010

Seminars 2009

Seminars 2008

Seminar 2007


International Seminars


Chyngyz Aitmatov Readings 28 November 2018

Roundtable on Community Dialogue and Democratisation in Uzbekistan

Conference on Marx in the Era of High Technology 26-27 October 2018


Beyond Globalisation: Prospects for Eurasia 12 May 2017



Symposium to Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Tajikistan's Independence 24 November 2016

Rhythms of the Past, Tunes for the Future:  Kyrgyz Epic Programme 21 October 2016

Eurasia And Silk Road in Glocal Perspective 3 May 2016

International Seminar on Conceptualising Cooperation and Development in Eurasia 2 May 2016



‘Russian Orientalism through Art Production & Education’

The "Post" and the "Past" in Central Asia's Future" Conference 



ESCAS XII Biennial Conference 20-22 September 2011

May 3-4, 2011 - Plenary Panel, ‘Sustainable Energy and Technical Innovation in Kazakhstan: A niche for inclusive growth’, Astana Economic Forum, Astana, Kazakhstan, by Professor Saxena, CCAF

April 25, 2011 - Roundtable on ‘Kazakhstan’s Chairmanship of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference’, Jesus College.

March 11, 2011- Roundtable on ‘Multilateralism in Eurasia’



March 10, 2010 - Roundtable on ‘Renewable and non-renewable sources of energy cooperation in Asia and Europe’. The Ambassadors of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan were key speakers.

February 19, 2010 - Roundtable on ‘Kazakhstan, OSCE and New Opportunities.’ Attended by the Ambassador of Kazakhstan.



December 1, 2009 - Workshop on ‘Civil Society and Education in Central Asia.’ (Organised by Cambridge Central Asia Forum and Development Studies Faculty, University of Cambridge)

November 3-5, 2009 - Seminar on ‘Notions of Islam and Mysticism in Kazakhstan and the Islamic World’, Ahmad Yasawi Kazakh-Turkish International University, Turkistan, Kazakhstan. 

September 3-4, 2009 – Roundtable on ‘The Role of the HistoricalCultural Heritage in the Dialogue of Civilizations of the East and the West: Roundtable on the Culture, Society and Policy in Contemporary Kazakhstan. (Cambridge Central Asia Forum, Cambridge and Royal Asiatic Society, London)

March 12, 2009 - Roundtable on ‘The Role of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation in the Social and Economic Development in the Member Countries and the Neighbouring Region.’



November 30-December 5, 2008 – Workshop on ‘China-Cambridge Central Asia Workshop to discuss possibilities of Environmentally Sustainable Construction/Building practices in China’

October 15, 2008 - Book Launch of his book entitled, ‘Kazakhstan’ (Bradt Travel Guide) by His Excellency Paul Brummell, Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Kazakhstan and non-Resident Ambassador to the Kyrgyz Republic 2002-2009

August 10, 2008 - Roundtable on ‘Environmental Concerns and Prospects in and around Uzbekistan’, Cambridge Central Asia Forum and Centre for Energy Studies, University of Cambridge



December 14-17 - 2007, ‘The Central Asian Studies: History, Politics and Society’, CASC2007 Tsukuba International Conference, Japan

February 2007 - Workshop and Seminar on ‘Documenting Local Knowledge in Central Asia’, Tashkent, Uzbekistan