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Cambridge Central Asia Forum


About the Program

The Leadership Programme on Solving Global Challenges at Cambridge is a unique learning opportunity for anyone interested in enhancing their capacity to analyze, understand and help create solutions to some of the most challenging global issues of our day. This programme will focus on cutting edge thinking about problems related to the world economic system, global climate change and health care delivery systems. Lectures and discussions will cover key concepts which can guide young researchers, students and others seeking to engage with these challenges which, by their very nature, cut across disciplines, borders and geographical locations.

Regardless of your academic discipline, major, or career choice, if you want to grow your personal capacity to contribute to sustainable solutions to these global challenges, come and attend the programme this December in University of Cambridge, UK. Your tutors will be Scientists, Economists, Archaeologists, Historians, Political and Social Scientists working at the University of Cambridge. These world class scientists, both experienced and recently graduated, will help you familiarize yourself with the underlying and interconnected physical, sociological and economic processes behind upcoming technologies, yet to be reported in newspapers and on internet blogs. An emphasis will be placed on understanding both the principal causes and the newest solutions to address global challenges. Participants can expect to leave the programme not only with new knowledge and skills, but also with an enlarged personal network of future leaders in the industry, academia and politics.


About Us

This Programme is organised by Comprehensive Capacity building in the Eastern Neighbourhood and Central Asia project under the Global Challenges Research Fund of the UK government, otherwise known as GCRF COMPASS project. Faculty and participants from GCRF COMPASS project teams at the University of Cambridge and University of Kent in the UK, and ADA University, Azerbaijan; Belarusian State University, Belarus; Tajik National University, Tajikistan and University of World Economic Diplomacy, Uzbekistan in partnership with BrainGain Academy in India will make this programme a truly unique experience.

Program Dates: 9-19 February 2020

Location: Cambridge, UK (Westminster College and Moller Centre, Churchill College, University of Cambridge)

How to Apply-

  1. Personal statement (500 words) - why do you want to enroll for this programme?
  2. Current or most recent transcript
  3. CV or resume (optional)

Note: Those applying from University of Cambridge, University of Kent, ADA Azerbaijan, BSU Belraus, TNU Tajikistan and UWED Uzbekistan contact

For those applying from outside COMPASS consortia please go directly to