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Sinead Bio


Sinead Mowlds has been participating in and leading multidisciplinary research to support the evaluation, monitoring, and implementation of effective development policies for the past eleven years. During her time at the OECD, the Brookings Institution, and as consultant for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, she led and contributed to innovative research tools to track and follow-up on the Sustainable Development Goals. She’s developed monitoring and evaluation frameworks, managed the launch of an open-sourced knowledge-sharing online platform, and connected investors and entrepreneurs in developed and developing countries. In 2017, she was elected member of the Sustainability Impact Committee of Quadia Investments. The same year, based on her experience and research on food systems, she was nominated as Expert to the EU Economic and Social Committee’s Rapporteur on climate justice.  She was awarded a research grant from the University of Cambridge in 2016, she pursued research on the geopolitical and development identities of Central Asian countries. She served as co-convenor for the Central Asia Digital Dialogue 2018, and has been conducting research to identify tools, policies, and strategies to bolster environmental collective action across the Eurasian countries. She holds a BSc in International Development & Food Policy from the University College of Cork, and a MPhil in Development Studies from University of Cambridge.