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Cambridge Central Asia Forum

Roundtable on Uzbekistan and the EAEU
  • Documenting Local and Traditional Environmental Knowledge in Central Asia
  • Models of Eastern Cosmopolitanism: Coexistence in Central Asian Cities
  • Early and Medieval Madrassa Curriculum in Central Asia
  • Trade Guilds in Central Asia and Europe (CARTI Fellow)
  • Migration, Social Place and Belonging: A case of Cen. Asian Sufi Tariqats in Hindustan
  • Central Asia and the Arabian Gulf (GCC): Case of Uzbek-Saudi Relations
  • Social Development in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Realm
  • Conceptualising Civil Society in Central Asia
  • Economic Union Between Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyz Republic, Armenia and Russia
  • Capacity Strengthening and Gender in Central Asia
  • Education Policy and International Intervention in Eurasia
  • Earthquakes and Seismic Security
  • Central Asia Technological Innovation Initiative