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Cambridge Central Asia Forum


5th Annual Tartu Confeence on Russian and East European Studies 

Dr Saxena, Prajakti Kalra and CCAF Affiliates along with partners from the GCRF COMPASS project participated in the 5th Annual conference in Tartu, Estonia.

7 June MC9: GCRF COMPASS Panel II The Eurasian Post Socialist Order

Session Chair: Siddharth Shanker Saxena, University of Cambridge

Discussant: Prajakti Kalra, University of Cambridge

Social Capital as Community Insurance: The Role of Networks, Reciprocity, and Trust in Resilience of Kazakhstani Communities Yulia Darmenova1 , Eunjoo Koo2 1Karaganda Industrial University, Temirtau, Kazakhstan; 2McGill University

Localizing the Cold War Era Globality: Central Asian discourse of the “Soviet Asia” during the 1958 Afro-Asian Writers Congress Boram Shin Jeonbuk University, South Korea

Fragility and resilience community strategies in Belarus Elena Korosteleva, Irina Petrova University of Kent

Labour conflicts, trust, and state fragility in resource-abundant states: The case of Kazakhstan’s extractive sector Serik Orazagaliev, Slyamzhar Akhmetzharov Nazarbayev University

Locating Central Asians in the Making of Eurasia Prajakti Kalra, Siddharth {Montu} Saxena University of Cambridge and Cambridge Central Asia Forum

8 June TC7: Central Asian politics

Session Chair: Nargiza Kilichova, Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS)

Discussant: Prajakti Kalra, University of Cambridge

Michel Foucault’s concept of ‘dispositif of security’: Central Asian weak states Rustam Burnashev Kazakh-German University, Kazakhstan Burnashev

Russia in political discourse of Kyrgyz Republic Oliwia Piskowska University of Warsaw, Poland Piskowska

Stepping down but remaining in power? Gradual authoritarian leadership succession in 2010s Kazakhstan Kristiina Silvan University of Helsinki / Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Finland Silvan

Consequences of Non-Consolidation: Evaluating Hierarchy and Resilience in Kyrgyz Republic Yuval Weber1,3 , Fabienne Bossuyt2 1Bush School, Texas A&M University, USA; 2Ghent University, Belgium; 3Krulak Center, Marine Corps University, USA

The current difficulties in building resilient local government institutions: the case study of Uzbekistan Gulnoza Saydiganikhodjaevna Ismailova University of World Economy and Diplomacy, Uzbekistan Ismailova