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International Week, Narxos University, Kazakhstan

last modified Apr 26, 2017 04:09 PM

Developing the Sustainability Mindset: the Central Asian way

April 10-14, 2017

Narxoz University

Almaty, Kazakhstan


Organized by Narxoz University, Almaty, Kazakhstan and

Cambridge Central Asia Forum, Jesus College, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

A series of talks and seminars on science, economics, technology, history and business were presented from the team from Cambridge in Almaty, Kazakhstan recently. The focus of the meeting was to showcase research and discuss possible avenues of collaboration in the future. The Rector of Narxos University, Kristof Rybinski and International Office coordinator, Albina Muratbekova along with the helpful staff and students of the University organised the conference and many leading scholars from Kazakhstan and abroad gave talks and participated in discussions.


April 10, Monday

Day 1

Assembly hall

9.00-9.15             Welcome and Introduction:

Krzysztof Rybinski, Rector, Narxoz University

Siddharth S Saxena, Director, Cambridge Central Asia Forum


09:15-10:15:       Keynote and Discussion “Globalisation and Sustainability”

Peter Nolan, University of Cambridge

Chair: Krzysztof Rybinski, Rector, Narxoz University


10:15-10:45         Tea and Networking Break


10.45-11.30         Keynote and Discussion ”Science, Technology and Sustainability”

Siddharth S Saxena, University of Cambridge

Chair: Krzysztof Rybinski, Rector, Narxoz University


11:30-13:00         Panel Discussion “Choosing Development Trajectories” Moderator: Peter Nolan, University of Cambridge Panelists:

1.   Siddharth S Saxena - Director, Cambridge Central Asia Forum

2.   Krzysztof Rybinski - Rector, Narxoz University

3.   Zhannat Yertlesova    Board of Directors, Narxoz University

4.   Darmen Sadvakasov    Managing Partner, CSI

5.   Konstantin Syroezhkin  - Sinologist, Expert

6.   Rustam Burnashev - Kazakh-German University, Professor

13:00-14:00         Lunch

14:00-15:30         Panel discussion “Role of Research in Institutional Development” Moderator: Siddharth S Saxena, University of Cambridge Panelists:

1.   Serik Svyatov    Chairman of the Board of Directors, Narxoz University

2.   Krzysztof Rybinski-  Rector, Narxoz University

3.   Chokan Laumulin    Research Fellow, Cambridge Central Asia Forum

4.   Roman Raifeld    Representative, Sh.Yessenov Science and Education


5.   Erlan Sydykov   Rector, Eurasian National University

6.   Aryn Orsariyev - Rector, Pavlodar State University

7.   Markus Kaiser- President, Kazakh-German University


15:30-16:00         Tea and Coffee and Networking Break


16:00-17:30         Panel discussion “The Future of Higher Education” Moderator: Krzysztof Rybinski, Rector, Narxoz University Panelists:

1.   Siddharth S Saxena - Director, Cambridge Central Asia

2.   Olga Moscovchenko - Rector, Kazakh-German University

3.   Azat Kuatbayev    Vice-Rector for Science and Development, Caspian


4.   Yuri Loktionov    Vice-Rector for Graduate and International

Programs, Kazakh-British Technical University

5.   Onalbay Ayashev    Rector, South Kazakhstan State Pedagogic


6.   Viktoriya Tsay     Vice-Rector for Strategic Development and

International Affairs, Narxoz University

17:30-18:00         Campus tour

18:00-19:00         Launch Meeting of Alumni Association (closed event)



April 11, Tuesday

Day 2



Roundtable “One Belt - One Road” Initiative and Its Implication on Central Asia Moderator: Laura G.Yerekesheva, Institute of Oriental Studies


International Research Conference “Sustainability of Central Asia: New Perspective and Directions for Research ” Moderator: Elmira Idrisova, Saule Arystanbayeva,

Morena Skalamera

Debate tournament in Kazakh “Multilateralism of Central Asia” (student club TEO)


Lecture hall 7




Peter Nolan,


Siddharth S Saxena,

(whole day)







Adil Kaukenov, China


Askar Duzenov,

Conference hall 1





Institute of Oriental


Gulnara Dadabayeva,





Dr. Azhar




Sekikkaliyeva, ERI

Prajakti Kalra,





IBS, Room 318

11:15-11:30       Tea and Networking Break





UNESCO and Kazakh-Indian

Foundation Roundtable on

China under Xi Jinping: Before and After the 19th CCP



Hackathon "Attraction of


Innovation and Technologies

National Congress

Narxoz Students to the New


Moderator: Arina Plokhikh

Moderator: Daniyar

Research Methods” (Narxoz




Student Research Club)


1.   Siddharth S Saxena,





1.   Farkhod Aminjonov,

Lecture hall 7






Chokan Laumulin, Cambridge

Laura Yerekesheva, Institute of Oriental







Gaukhar Nursha, KazNU

Rasul Arin, Bilig Brains




Yevgeny Khon, CAISS


Sergei Karpov, UNESCO


Ruslan Isimov, IWEP


Erik Sootla, Narxoz


Peter Nolan,


Munira Shahidi, ZSIF


Cambridge University


7.   Daniel Gunaseelan, KIF

IBS, Room 318

12:30-13:00        Keynote on Science and Commercialization Anuarbek Sultangazin President, Science Fund MES RK

Chair: Siddharth S Saxena

Lecture hall 11





14:00-15:0Keynote and Discussion “Urban Development and Sustainability” Professor Nicholas Ray

Chair: Chokan Laumulin

Lecture hall 11


Roundtable “Comfort City: Interaction of Universities and City”

IBS, Room 318

Korean Centre of Narxoz University - Cultural performance

Lecture hall 7


15:00-15:30       Tea and Coffee and Networking Break




Keynote and Discussion “Health, Science and Sustainability”

China Center    Discovering China (Trial lesson of Chinese language)






Professor Sir Bruce Ponder

Chair: Chokan Laumulin

Lecture hall 11

Panel Discussion on Public


Moderator: Bruce Ponder


Lecture hall 7


1.   Siddharth S Saxena

2.   Zaure Dushimova

Lecture hall 11

17:30�18:00        Campus tour



Research Presentations Day

Lecture hall 11


April 12. Wednesday

Day 3



10:00-10:15    Knowledge Economy

Chair: Viktoriya Tsay –  Vice�Rector for Strategic Development

and International Affairs of Narxoz University

Chokan Laumulin, Research Fellow, Cambridge Central Asia Forum - Organisation of Principles for A Progressing Industrial Society


Hackathon "Development of Charity at the University

" (student clubs: Good Soul, League of volunteers)


10:15-10:30    Callie Berman,

MPhil student, Cambridge University-

Harnessing Mineral Wealth: An Exploration of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan's Development Strategies through Copper Enterprise

10:30-10:45     Sinead Mowlds, MPhil student, Cambridge University-

Kazakhstan’s Donor Identity

10:45-11:00     Q&A

11:00-11:15     Tea and Networking Break

11:15-11:30     Political Agency

Chair: Peter Nolan, University of Cambridge

Yelena Rudenko, Research Fellow, Institute of Oriental Studies Central Asia and China-Indian interaction on the ͞New Silk Road

11:30-11:45     Sholpan Maralbayeva, MBA, Associate Professor of  AlmaU How can modernization revive the industry at its declining stage

11:45-12:00     Assel Jumasseitova, Associate Professor Business School KBTU- The Impact of Government-Sponsored Education Abroad on Entrepreneurship: Case Study Bolashak Scholarship

12:00-12:15     Q&A

12:15-13:15     Lunch

13:15-13:45     Culture

Chair: Professor Nicholas Ray

Munira Shahidi, Chairman, Ziyodullo Shahidi International Foundation, Cultural Economy in Central Asia: Problems and Perspectives

13:45-14:00     Gulnara Yeleukulova,  Associate Professor, Kazakh National Technical Research University

Chokan Valikhanov and the Central Asian Studies

14:00-14:15     Prajakti Kalra, Research Fellow, CCAF, Jesus College, University of Cambridge, Asiatic Roots and the Rootedness of the Eurasian Project


14:15-14:30     Gulnara Dadabayeva. Associate Professor, KIMEP University, Eurasian Economic Union- How Multilateralism Works for CA States and Russia.

14:30-14:45     Q&A

14:45-15:10     Science of Innovations

Chair: Professor Sir Bruce Ponder

Dr. Peter Fearon, Director, Innovation Action UK- Developing Industry Links and Academic Partnerships

Lecture hall 7 


11.30-12.30Kazakhstan-Japan Center for Human Development Origami, Calligraphy

Lecture hall 7



International Online Research Conference for Young Researchers, Masters and Bachelor Degree Students «Economic Silk Route: Opportunities and Perspectives»

(School of Economics and Management)

Lecture hall 1



Primbetova E.U, Associate Professor, Narxoz University-Youth about the Quality of Human Capital in the Innovation Policy of Kazakhstan

Lecture hall 7


15:10-15:20 Q&A

15:20-16:00     Tea and Networking Break


16:00-17:00     Interdisciplinary research writing                                                         


Cultural performances from

17:00-18:00     Research culture workshop

Chair: Siddharth S Saxena

Nick Ray, Professor Peter Nolan, Sir Bruce Ponder, Nick Ray, Morena Skalamera, Viktoriya Tsay

Central Asian students (Cuisine, presentation and dances)

Lecture hall 7



April 13, Thursday

Day 4

International Forum RABE in Kazakhstan

«Data Science and How to Manage Big Data in the 21st century»


Lecture hall 11


09:00-09:30 Welcome, registration, coffee

09:30-09:35 Welcome by Krzysztof Rybinski, Rector, Narxoz University

09:35-09:45 Welcome by Sergey Myasoedov, President RABE

09:45-10:00 Opening speech: ͞Applying Data Science in Narxoz HR Management and Quality Assurance processes , Krzysztof Rybinski, Rector, Narxoz University

10:00-10:30 Keynote: ͞Big Data: Towards New Business Models , Witold Abramowicz, Poznan

University of Economics and Business, Poland

10:30-11:00  ͞Big  Data:  Opportunities,  Challenges,  and  Ethical  Considerations ,  Simeona Petkova, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

11:00-12:00 Panel discussion: ͞How Can Collaboration between Universities and Companies in Big Data Create a Win-win Situation?

Moderator: Krzysztof Rybinski, Rector, Narxoz University


Sergey Myasoedov, RABE, Agata Filipowska, Poznan University of Economics and Business, Askar Maylyuvbayev, ForteBank, Aleksandr Komarov, Beeline Kazakhstan*, Turalay Kenc, ForteBank Chair of Finance at IBS/Narxoz University, Askhat Murzabayev, Narxoz University

12:00-12:15 Conclusions and Closing

12:15-13:00 Drinks and networking