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Lecture Series

last modified May 19, 2017 10:05 PM

11 May 2017: 'The new industrial society of the second generation: the disconnects of globalization and the future of the noosphere civilization' by Prof Sergei Bodrunov, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Director of the Institute for New Industrial Development (INID) n.a. S.Y. Vitte, President of Free Economic Society (FES) of Russia, Chairman of the International Committee of FES (IC FES) of Russia

10 May 2017: Hegemony of Global Capital or Anatomy of XXI Century Exploitation: from Slavery and ‘Normal’ Exploitation of Industrial Workers towards Capitalist Subordination of Creative Labor and Appropriation of Intellectual Rent' by Prof Buzgalin, Moscow State University,

9 May 2017: Totalitarian Market of Simulacra and Virtual Money: Towards
Marxist Critique of the ‘Capital’ or how ‘Periphery’ was asphalted by
the ‘Center’, Prof Aleksandr Buzgalin, Moscow State University