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Garden Party 2015


Wedding Scene

Horse Meat

Turkmen Event

Sydikov Event

Turkmen Event 2

Kyrgyz Event

Professor Sydykov's Visit

Professor Sydykov's Visit

Navroz 2016

Navroz 2016

Navruz 20151




dance performance

Professor Andy Parker and Professor Sydykov in Cavendish Labs

Symposium to celebrate 25 years of Tajikistan's Independence

Tajikistan and the Persianate World

Tajikistan and the Persianate World

Visit by Minister of Education from Turkmenistan

Present from Minister of Tatarstan

Professor Sydykov in Cavendish

Ambassadorial Visit from Turkmenistan

Uzbek Performance

Sydykov Materials


Tatar Dolls

Tatar Singer

Dr Saxena on Kyrgyz TV

Cambridge Central Asia Forum Group Picture


Turkmenistan Asian Games September 2017

5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games

25th Anniversary of Independence of the Kyrgyz Republic

The 25th Anniversary of independence of the Kyrgyz Republic Rhythms of the Past and Tunes for the Future

HE Ambassador of Uzbekistan, Alisher Kurmanov and Professor Peter Nolan

Visit of HE Alisher Kurmanov to University of Cambridge


Uzbek Event in London

Ferghana Fieldtrip 2005

Ferghana Fieldtrip

Helen MacDonald, Timur Yunusov

Navroz 2016

Cambridge Navroz 2017

Mr Rakhmatov (Tajikistan), Her Excellency Iskakova (Kyrgyz Republic), Mr Nick Ray, His Excellency Idrissov (Kazakhstan), His Excellency Kurmanov (Uzbekistan), Dr Saxena, His Excellency Serayev (Turkmenistan), Mr Annayev

Kyrgyz Dance Performance, Navroz 2017

25 Years of Independence, Sovereignty and Diplomatic Relations Round Table, 18 March 2017

Dance Performance from Tajikistan, Cambridge Navroz 2017

Professor Sagadiev's visit to Cambridge

Sardor Mirzakhojaev, Uzbek Music

Performance by Ms Mariam Gaibova who holds the title of 'Meritorious Dancer of Tajikistan'

Performance by an artist from Turkmenistan

Lord Mair's welcome note